Monday, November 15, 2021

Accurate AND precise eye-gaze on an iPad!

 Hey Tek-ninjas! Today is a big day for Tobii Dynavox and AAC users. This morning, Tobii Dynavox introduces the TD Pilot.  TD Pilot provides native integration of eye tracking in iPadOS and has been certified to meet Apple performance standards. It enables communication and full use of iPad apps for people with disabilities, via eye control and other access methods. The TD Pilot offers what is currently the only MFi Certified Eye-tracker on the market. 

While there are a few other companies that had dipped there toes into the eye-tracker world with iPads already, none of them (that I know of) have an equivalent offering with Region Base Interaction (RBI), essentially pulling the user's eye to the chosen target with accuracy and precision - indoors OR outdoors. Additionally, TD Pilot uses Smart bright pupil and dark pupil tracking technology which means that the eye tracker is always adjusting to the light conditions and the user to ensure the optimal user experience.

Just like on the proven Windows-based iSeries, TD Pilot has the celebrated Partner Window, and the same powerful speakers. 

TD Pilot when funded, comes with TD Snap, TD Talk, and TD CoPilot. The first many AAC stakeholders are familiar with. TD Talk is a brand new efficient text-to-speech app, and TD CoPilot is the companion app which provides calibration, software updates, and battery status. 

Everyone I've spoken with who has had a chance to test drive the TD Pilot has been very impressed. If you are going to be at ASHA this week, come by, check one out, and say hi to me! If you can't make ASHA, but want to see one for a possible user, reach out to your friendly neighborhood Solutions Consultant. They will be able to help you determine if the TD Pilot is right for you or your client(s)!

Happy therapy!

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