Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Mandatory Boardmaker Updates!

Hey Tek-ninjas! This one goes out to anyone using Boardmaker.  On February 21st Boardmaker announced "On Thursday, March 2, we will be releasing version 7.2.5 of the Boardmaker 7 Editor and Boardmaker 7 Student Center. This is a REQUIRED update for all users.

If you don't run updates by April 1st, you risk losing ability to log in to your Boardmaker Account.

Those of you who have updated the Editor since last summer will get the Editor update automatically and just need to click "install".

Those who didn't update the Editor last year will need to download and install it. Everyone will need to download and install the Student Center update from

All Boardmaker subscribers should receive a notification to this effect. You can read more about this here, and if you have questions about this process, you can ask them here

Good luck, and happy therapy!