Monday, November 1, 2021

TD Snap version!!

 Hey Tek-ninjas! A little while back Tobii Dynavox ran a new update in Snap. There are some subtle and not so subtle updates that you might want to be aware of....

First, TD Snap now supports Arabic, including:

        Arabic Core First Page Set

        PCS Countries: Arabic symbol set

Second, Undo and Redo actions are now available in the Message Window. That allows for some really terrific on the fly editing!

Third, Eye Gaze access has been improved with new settings:
        Customize the Eye Gaze dwell time on individual buttons.
        Look away before reselecting.

And fourth, there is a new in-app feedback feature. Send feature requests and error reports in Edit > System > About.

If you'd like to learn more about Snap, be sure to reach out to your local Solution Consultant. If you are a professional, they can help you get a Professional License, and they can offer you training on the software!

Happy therapy!!

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