Thursday, September 24, 2020

Urgent Action for Boardmaker Online Subscribers!!

Hey Tek-ninjas, in light of the blog I posted yesterday regarding the integration of Boardmaker Online into Snap Core First, I thought I should take a moment to share this email I received - and many of you likely did as well.

Immediate Action Required for Current Boardmaker Online Subscribers

The Boardmaker Online editor and player will cease to function at the release of Boardmaker 7. These components of your Boardmaker subscription will need to be replaced with installed applications. If you do not have the ability to install software on your computer yourself, you must contact your IT department to download and install these applications no later than October 19, 2020. This update is required to maintain the editing and playing functions of your Boardmaker subscription.

Follow these three steps to make this update: 

1) Access the downloads for Windows, Mac and Chromebook below.

Boardmaker 7 Editor for Windows
Boardmaker 7 Student Center for Windows

Boardmaker 7 Editor for Mac
Boardmaker 7 Student Center for Mac

Boardmaker 7 Editor for Chromebook
Boardmaker 7 Student Center for Chromebook

2) Install and run the software. A message will be displayed indicating that the installation was successful. You will not be able to use the new software until Boardmaker 7 is released.

3) This software will update automatically when Boardmaker 7 is released. Until that time, continue to use the Boardmaker Online Editor or Boardmaker Studio.

For additional information, visit the Boardmaker 7 Organization page in North America or the IT Resources page for all other countries.

If you or your IT team have any questions please contact theTechnical Support teams.

North America

Good luck with this folks, I'm excited to see the new changes coming with Boardmaker 7! Remember, if you don't have Boardmaker Online you can get a FREE Boardmaker Online account and access 60,000 FREE print and interactive activities, or if you'd like to see what the full offering is - check out the FREE 60-day trial.

Happy Therapy!

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