Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Sharing BMO Activities with your AAC user!

Hey Tek-ninjas! Today I want to take another look at a specific new feature within Snap Core First and Boardmaker Online (BMO). Awhile back I blogged about how the Boardmaker Player is now integrated into Snap Core First

I feel like this tool has the potential to be so helpful for folks, especially for clinicians and educators who are serving students or clients remotely. Using Snap Core First, your user can engage in BMO activities, and talk about those activities - without leaving the software!

Lets address two details: 

  • You can get a FREE Boardmaker Online account and access 60,000 FREE print and interactive activities. 
  • BMO is more than "just" picture symbols. The content is so good, and can really augment the work you are already doing. But don't take my word for it... If you'd like to see what the full offering is - check out the FREE 60-day trial

The question I was wrestling with though was - "if I have a BMO account, and my client has their own mytobiidynavox account, which their Snap Core First is connected to... how do I get my activities to their device?" I reached out to Courtney Moss, from the Boardmaker Education team and she dropped some major knowledge on me! 

In the video below I show you how to do this, assuming 1. you have a BMO account. If you don't have one, get one. 2. your client has a BMO account. If they don't have one... ask them to get one (even the free one). 3. HOWEVER, if you already have a mytobiidynavox account you basically have the makings for a BMO account (see picture to left). 4. your client's SGD is unlocked and can access the internet. If it is not, encourage them to consider calling the Tobii-Dynavox technical support number and paying the one-time $25 fee to get it unlocked. That number is 1-800-344-1778.

You might want to share this video with your client caregiver.

If you need further help with this, or any AAC needs reach out to your local Solution Consultant

Happy Therapy!

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