Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Tools to Support Communication with Your Child

Hey Tek-ninjas! This post goes out to parents specifically. Clinicians, if you are working with families using AAC with a Core Language approach, this content may be useful, even if they are using other products. 

Just because you're at home doesn’t mean you have to stop working on growing your child’s communication skills. Tobii Dynavox offers some terrific ideas of how you can use core vocabulary to support communication with your child.

As you likely know, Core words have application throughout your child’s day, and they are words they hear others use all day long. Core words can also help your child understand the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Follow this structure for introducing core words to your child at home. 

Find It

This means showing your child where the core word is on the device. 

Use It

Once you and your child know where to find the word, you can start using it throughout the day. 

Read It

Use these free Core First Learning Books that target one core word per book. 

Want more information on introducing core words, implementation help, and a helpful video? Click here

To find all Tobii Dynavox Coronavirus related resources, click here. Additionally, Tobii Dynavox is offering a lot of free live web events. And don’t forget to check out their Learning Hub for free on-demand courses that also provide ASHA CEUs.

And finally, for more “At home learning” resources, click here.

And remember: wash yer hands!!

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