Thursday, April 2, 2020

Free supports using Picture Communication Symbols (PCS®)

Hey Tek-ninjas, you've likely noted... the Coronavirus has created unusual circumstances.

Tobii Dynavox offers some tools to help.

Parents, clinicians, and educators... we are all of us having to pivot to find ways to do what we've taken for granted in the past. This includes how help our AAC users. Most of us are figuring out how to navigate home learning, social distancing, teletherapy, and learning new precautions to keep you and those you support healthy.

To help, Tobii Dynavox created and are offering for free various supports using Picture Communication Symbols (PCS®). Check out the links below:

Home Learning Schedule - This Home Learning Schedule will help to bring some routine and familiarity back to your child’s day.

What is Coronavirus? Book and Coronavirus Social Story - Read these stories to the children you support and introduce them to new vocabulary related to the pandemic.

Coronavirus Vocabulary and Low-Tech Core Vocabulary Boards - Use these printable boards to help your child communicate.

Tobii Dynavox provides additional information on these resources and implementation tips here.

And, for even more “At home learning” resources, please click here. Additionally, Tobii Dynavox is inviting folks to many free live web events, which you can check out here.

And as always, don’t forget to check out the Learning Hub for free on-demand courses that also provide ASHA CEUs.

Clean your hands!!

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