Sunday, April 5, 2020

Resistance is NOT futile

Hey Tek-Ninja’s! I was inspired this morning by an old martial arts training buddy’s Facebook post. He wrote: “Thanks for the birthday wishes! In lieu of flowers please send a letter to your congressperson asking for adequate protective gear and prioritized testing for all healthcare workers.” 

He gave a great sample letter, and I co-opted and modified it.

My brother in-law, a Captain in a fire department, my friend Noah, an advanced practice nurse, and many of my friends are health professional, and they are all terrified that they will get infected with the coronavirus, becoming an asymptomatic carrier, furthering the spread to at-risk populations resulting in untimely deaths. Please rapidly enact legislation to provide adequate protective gear and prioritized testing for all healthcare workers.”

Maybe you could do something similar. I bet you don’t have a lot planned today....

An easy way to do this is by texting Resistbot which emails/mails/faxes letters to your representatives for free. Text RESIST to 50409 and it'll take you like 2 minutes tops start to finish. Resistbot is terrific partly because it doesn’t care what political party enraged you or delights you. Send them your letters, they send them to all your representatives. 

Wash those hands!

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