Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Reporting on your Therapy!

Hey Tek-Ninjas! Last blog I mentioned that I was excited by several of the offerings from Smarty Ears. Today, I'm blogging about their app Therapy Report Center (TRC). 

TRC seems to have been designed specifically with SLP's in mind, but I think it easily can be utilized by Occupational and Physical Therapists. If you are a clinician looking for a way to document your treatment and service delivery, this app may be the answer. TRC is compatible on your iPad. Incidentally, it's free. 

With TRC you can individually add each student you work with. You can include a photo of the student, and input the individualized goals into their profile.

The app is specifically designed to integrate with and collate data from other Smarty Ears apps, but I believe it could be used easily for tracking service delivery, and generating reports easily.  The interface is intuitive, and elegant.  Sending data via email and Airdrop is seamless. 

Per the Smarty Ears website: TRC is the perfect accompaniment for data collection in Response to Intervention (RTI). By allowing the professional to input all students (not just those on IEPs), the actual number of student’s being seen is tracked. In addition, each student’s goals are unique and individualized. Because data is tracked as often as the professional desires, TRC allows the professional to monitor interventions and the student’s progress over time. Data collection has never been easier!

So take a look at Therapy Report Center, it may simplify your work for you.


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