Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Support Good Works

Hey Tek-Ninjas! Now for something completely different.

Over the last few years I have been involved with an organization called Wilderness Trail. Every hike has been transformative for me and both of my sons. So much so that I agreed to become a Board Member a year ago. 
I have always believed that amazing things happen when you take people out of their comfort zone and place them in the beauty of God's creation. Wilderness Trail agrees. The main programming takes place in the summer when groups of youth go on 5-day backpacking journeys on the Appalachian Trail. Central themes of servant leadership and being the body of Christ are lived out on the hike and at the "base camp" during each 7-day event.

Wilderness Trail is looking to grow, but carefully. They have maxed out how many students they can serve in a given summer based on Park Service Guidelines, unless they open a second location. I would like for more students to be able to have similarly powerful experiences.

Please consider donating any amount to Wilderness Trail in order to help fund other hikers. 
If not donating, a share on your Social Media would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jim

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