Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Back to school, again but different

Hey Tek-ninjas! So, most of you have been back at school for a few weeks already. And from all reports, it's a very different school year! I wanted to take some time to pass along a few resources that have helped me get through tele-support that I think may help you too with tele-therapy. This specific collection were collated by the incomparable Tobii Dynavox Solution Consultant Mark Sauka who serves Central and Western PA... one day he's going to invite me up to fish trout.  If you are unsure who your Solution Consultant is, you can find them here

I've said it before, but I'll say it again, while I am an employee of Tobii Dynavox, many if not most of these tips are good for any AAC intervention, so I hope you will all take a look at them!

Quick Assist: this free software on a Windows based device has been a lifesaver! It allows you to take over the screen of your student’s device so that you can provide remote support and model. It does require that you are working on a Windows computer, and that your student's device operates a Windows as well. I have blogged about it before, and you can see how to operate Quick Assist and share a video with caregivers which will show them how to do their part to get connected here

Telepractice Resource Page

AAC and Zoom
I am sure many of you have become very familiar with Zoom (or something similar) during this time. Here are a couple videos that may be helpful as you navigate remote therapy sessions.

Zoom and Snap Core First

Setting up a Virtual AAC Session with Zoom

Telepractice Basics for Implementing Snap Core First

Using Core First Learning During Teletherapy

AAC Tips for Home

Sync, Save, Share!
During tele-therapy it is crucial to be able to share pages with students. This allows you to create lesson plans/pages from your free account (through Tobii Dynavox for Professionals) and share them with your students. 

How to Save/Sync/Share

Learning Hub
Due to restrictions involving meeting in large groups, in-services will likely look much different this school year. The Tobii Dynavox Learning Team has created some awesome recorded webinars to help you continue learning and earn CEUs. Courses are continuously added to reflect new content, software updates, etc. Please feel free to send this out to intervention specialists, caregivers, support staff, etc.. 

Learning Hub

Happy Therapy!

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