Thursday, April 21, 2022

Delivering Voices Opportunity!

Hey Tek-ninjas! I know I'm always effusive about Tobii Dynavox. Almost 5 years in, and I still believe this company and the work we do is phenomenal. 

I love delivering voices! Have you ever thought about working for Tobii Dynavox? Well, a Solutions Consultant position has opened in the Maryland/DC area. We prefer candidates with a Bachelor Degree and 2+ years of durable medical device sales experience OR clinical background. 

Maybe you ought to consider checking it out? You can read more here. Come work with me!

Saturday, April 2, 2022

TD Snap Discount!

Hey Tek-ninjas! We are coming up on World Autism Day. For folks working with AAC, that often means deep discounts on pricey communication apps. Annual discounts are great, but I believe pricing should not be an obstacle to having a voice. 

I love that TD Snap is so affordable year round. Following the trend of discounting communication apps, April 2nd, TD Snap will be on sale in the Apple store at 15% off. It will be a one day, Apple Store only sale. 

APRIL 2nd, TD Snap will be 15% off.

April 2nd, the AAC app which is normally $49.99, will be approximately $42.50!

If you are in a school district, and leveraging the Volume Purchase Program even when NOT on sale, 20 copies of TD Snap costs equal to or less than the 2 copies of the competition's software. 

Also, I want to highlight, that if your AAC communicator is text-literate, and does NOT need symbol support, TD Talk remains free for your iOS users. That's year round. I blogged about TD Talk a few weeks back here

Do you know someone who needs a voice? One of these offerings may be just what they need.