Wednesday, February 6, 2019

How to install an app on an older iOS platform

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Hey Tek-Ninjas! Today's blog is a quick iOS app tip which will hopefully be useful for you.

Recently a colleague reached out to me, indicating that she was trying to download the Snap + Core First App on her mini iPad. Her dilemma was that iTunes kept telling her that she needed iOS 10 or later. Her mini iPad runs iOS 9.3.5 and would not install the newer version.

I knew there was a solution, but couldn't remember it.  Consequently, I had to send this tech-question up the ladder to my senior tech guy, my 17 year old son, Ben.

Ben quickly got back to me with the following:

So- the only way Apple will allow you to download an older version is if you already own the app. Once you find it in the “purchased” section of the App Store you can select “download” and it will give you the option to download an older version that is compatible with device

So what do we do if she hasn’t purchased it before? Go on a newer device like an
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iPhone or iTunes on a Mac (the latter is preferable) that is associated with her iPad’s Apple ID and can purchase the app. Buy it from there, and then you will find it listed in the “purchased” section of her iPad’s App Store. Then you can download, and receive the “older version” 

In the specific case at hand,  my colleague needed to download the "free" version. Once she logged into her "mytobiidynavox" account within the app she gained full functionality.

I can see this issue presenting with a variety of apps, and so I hope this is useful to you all. Thanks to Ben!

Happy therapy!

So the clinician who asked for help emailed back to tell me she had to take a few extra steps. She shared the following:

A few extra steps were involved because essentially the newest version of iTunes on Macs does not support connections with iPad. I had to uninstall my current iTunes and re-install an older version in order for the steps from your blog to work. Essentially, the iPad is too old and iTunes is too new.

I hope this is useful for folks!