Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Whole Enchilada

So. You have a student who has difficulties with the writing process, and overall organization skills. The IEP team and/or parents are confident that the student needs a laptop to be successful.

As the AT Provider, you agree. But what does the execution of this plan look like? Do you send a laptop to the school and your done? Obviously, no
In my schools I think about a series of steps.

  1. Touch base with your Technology Specialist. Let him/her know you are bringing the laptop to "their" school. They hate being asked to help with a random issue for a computer they had no idea was in the school. (This is just professional courtesy).
  2. Confirm the printers the student needs to access are working with the laptop. 
  3. Confirm the wifi functions on laptop.
  4. Schedule time to meet, preferably with the student and a Resource teacher. 
  5. Train student/teacher how to use whatever word processor they are using. It may be that the teacher will be providing on-going training. If so, make certain he/she is comfortable with this task.
  6. Facilitate the setting up of folders for organization, (eg; Math, Science, Etc...).
  7. Train student/teacher on saving/opening to/from specific folders. 
  8. Make certain there is a plan in place for when/where the student will use the device.
  9. Ascertain whether or not the student will carry the device throughout the day, do they have/need a valise.
  10. If the device is staying at school, where will it stay, who will be responsible to keep it locked up?
  11. Have a plan in place to follow up with student success/issues.
Happy Therapy!

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