Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Facetime: adding and removing numbers and email

Similar to my prior post, occasionally I receive an email from staff telling me they need to add someone on Facetime, or perhaps they are receiving Facetime calls from people they don't know. In the latter case, that occurs because they have inherited an iDevice from someone else, or they are using a group iTunes account to manage "Find my iPhone" and other features.

It is pretty simple to make certain that you are receiving the Facetime calls you want, and not those you don't want.

1.  Begin by touching on "Settings"

2.  Then touch "Facetime" in the left column.

3.  Uncheck email or phone numbers you don't want, and add email accounts that you do want. 

Make certain that your Facetime friends have the new email/numbers to contact you.

That should take care of it, happy therapy!

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