Thursday, November 15, 2012

iPad Success Story

I shared this story at the NC DPI EC Conference on the 14th, and thought I'd share here as well.

One student we are involved with has significant visual impairments. Lets call her Adison. She's a smart middle-schooler who works hard.

In school Adison uses a laptop with ZoomText, a portable CCTV and an iPad with Read2Go and Learning Alleys to access her curriculum.

About a month ago, Adison's mother shared with me that all her life, Adison has been reluctantly attending her brother's soccer games. Adison is reluctant because she can not see what is going on, and the noise gives her headaches. So, there really is very little pleasurable about the experience for her. However, at one particular game, of her own initiative, Adison got out her iPad, opened the camera, zoomed in on the game, and watched her first soccer match ever! Pretty powerful stuff!

More recently, Adison's mom shared with me that Adison used her iPad to view pH strips in Science class, when her CCTV was unavailable.

What a tremendous tool the iPad is proving to be for this young student. I especially love that Adison thought of these uses on her own.

Do you have interesting success stories such as this one? I'd love to hear some!

Happy Therapy!

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