Thursday, March 10, 2022

TD i110 gets an overhaul!

 Hey Tek-ninjas! Let's talk about the TD i110

Back in the summer of 2018, I blogged about the i-110. At the time, it was the most rugged purpose built AAC device on the market and when purchased with funding, it came with a 3 year 360 support plan that basically said, if you break it, Tobii Dynavox would fix or replace it. It was the device that I sold the most of, and that is saying something for a company re-known for it's eye-gaze technology. 

Over the years though, Snap + Core First, became just Snap, growing to include many languages, and pagesets including PODD, Gateway, Aphasia, Scanning, and Text Literate pagesets.  It is a BIG program! Additionally, with several years of Windows updates, and general increase in demand on browsers the i-110 started to perform a bit sluggishly. It was time for some improvements. 

I'm so excited by the over-haul which Tobii Dynavox rolled out towards the end of February. With an ultra-rugged design, Gorilla Glass, intuitive user interface, and an IP55 classification (up from IP54) , the TD I-110 is an AAC device that delivers exceptional durability, performance, and reliability.  Once again, it is covered by a 3-year Support 360 warranty which includes extended support and damage protection, no questions asked. 

The TD i110 goes BEAST mode. Again. 

On the surface, the TD i-110 looks much like the classic device. And this is smart imo. AAC companies often get blow-back from users for changing hardware or software designs too often. Users express feeling "left-behind" by these changes. The TD i110 will feel familiar, like coming home. However, with twice the RAM, twice the storage, 10 hours of battery run time, Windows Hello, a higher quality rear camera, and the option to build to order with Windows 11, this is a significant upgrade. 

If you need to see/try/touch this device, reach out to your friendly neighborhood Solutions Consultant

Happy therapy!

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