Friday, October 16, 2020


Hey Tek-ninjas! If you are using Snap Core First for yourself or your clients AND doing so on a
Windows Computer, this is really important. 

This morning, I received an email from Tobii Dynavox informing me about a change that will happen on October 23rd to all Snap Core First licenses for Windows.

Snap Core First is moving out of the Windows Store. And in order for you to continue receiving software updates, you must migrate to the new version of Snap Core First, which will be available through the app.

Tobii Dynavox expects this process to be seamless and easy... that being said, I will encourage folks to back up their profile to myTobiidynavox before they run the migration. Better safe than sorry.

Starting on October 23rd, the automated migration process will be available for you to initiate. Once you start the process, they will back up your user(s), download the new version of Snap Core First, and set up your user(s) and Page Set(s). Any purchases you’ve made will be carried over to the new version as well. The video below does a great job of explaining the whole thing.

According to the email, if you decide that you do not want to migrate your app, you can continue using it as is. However, you will not receive software updates after October 23rd. 

As a reminder, this change only affects the Windows version of the app. iOS versions will continue to update and run as usual.

Silver lining? Once you've run Windows Update once, the Snap Core First updates we be automatically included. No more need to run Microsoft Store Updates. Also, 1. folks can expect a better user experience when downloading the Windows version for purchase, TD for Professional, Trial version and redeeming a code. 2. Many schools and facilities that block the Windows Store and have not been able to implement the Windows version of SCF within their organizations.

Happy therapy!

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