Friday, March 13, 2020

Maybe it's just sinusitis, and useful tools

Hey Tek-ninjas! These are disconcerting times in the face of Covid-19. I hope you are all staying well.

Today my wife went to the physician after a week of feeling poorly. She had been reluctant, concerned she had the Corona Virus, and might be hauled off to some undisclosed quarantine location. She was diagnosed with a severe case of Sinusitis (and I did NOT take the opportunity to say 'told you so'). So, take care of yourselves, and don't assume the worst. 

In the meantime, I received an email from Tobii Dynavox with some excellent resources for some of your end-users.

PCS – Coronavirus symbols have been created and released in Boardmaker Online. The English
version is being integrated into Snap Core First today and localized versions for our standard languages will be completed soon. 

Snap Core First - The US English Coronavirus Topic Pages for Snap Core First are posted on myTobiiDynavox Pageset Central and titled “Coronavirus Topic Pages for Snap Core First.”  If someone does not currently have Snap Core First, they can trial the lite version by downloading it at no cost here. Localized versions are being created for our standard languages with Spanish, German, Norwegian and Swedish coming very soon.

Boardmaker Behavior Support Templates – Since schedules and routines are unusual, these tools and PCS can be used to create a more personalized approach to managing an individual’s behavior. These  boards can be found here, and shared within the Boardmaker Community, other channels and localized.

Boardmaker Activites-to-Go – Anyone is able to download these free, ready-made activities and supports for students who need to be homeschooled. They are available in US and UK English here.

Wash your hands, and happy therapy!! 

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