Friday, February 14, 2020

Telephone solutions for the eye-gaze user...

Hey Tek-Ninja’s! So one of the high-lights of my time at ATIA was sitting down with Tobii Dynavox's Product Manager David Lee. He shared a number of exciting projects with me which are in the works. There may or may not have been discussion of self-driving cars, and space travel. #NTKB.

A specific concept he shared that I'm super excited about is the pairing of Snap Core First and the AccessIT 3 for utilization of an Android cell phone. This is such a simple, elegant system, and I believe it may be a viable solution for many of our eye-gaze power users. I especially like this solution for eye-gaze users who are not necessarily challenged by the cognitive load needed to make a software supported phone call, but might might not have the “eye-gaze agility” to utilize access methods such as “Computer Control” or “Windows Access”. Take a look at the video.

So a quick recap, this Text Page set is a part of your Snap Core First software. Read more here. The AccessIT 3 is offered by Tobii Dynavox, and should be able to pair to an Android phone or Windows product. I am demoing off of my iPad, just because it was simple and cool to do, but you can pair to it from any current Tobii Dynavox product (check the specs to be certain). 

To my knowledge, the AccessIT 3 is not be fundable in most states, so would need to be an "out-of-pocket" expense. 

Happy Valentines day to you all!

Apologies for the snuffling and raspy voice, I'm at the tail end of bronchitis!

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