Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Help with wheelchair mounting

Hey Tek-ninjas! Here is a slightly technical offering which may be helpful to some of you. When pursuing AAC equipment for individuals, one of the most daunting aspects for many SLPs is considering wheelchair mounts.

Often, your sales representative can help you discern what mount and attachment parts you need.  Sometimes though you may need to make some decisions independently.  Typically, there are only a few variations for the mounts themselves. The issue that confounds people is finding the correct attachment piece.  In the video below, my colleague, Chris Kovach does a really great job of making this topic more manageable.

Chris highlights theses points for you to consider as you make a recommendation:
  • Eye gaze device = 20-22 inches from user’s face
  • Is the chair a “tilting chair?
  • Are there obstacles? (Cup holders, joy-stick, brake levers, etc
  • Some manufacturers include a mounting rail. Is this one?
  • Tubing size? (Tube circumference x 3.14 = diameter).

Incidentally, Chris has a very robust YouTube channel and you can find a lot of great videos on the many different software programs as well as hardware offerings from the company. Take a look at his channel and be sure to click subscribe.

Happy therapy!

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