Saturday, October 20, 2018


Hey Tek-Ninjas! Hold on to your hearts...according to Fredrik Ruben, President of Tobii-Dynavox, “Fifty million people around the globe lack a voice and we in the Assistive Tech and AAC industry are collectively only serving less than 1% of them.” Ruben goes on to exclaim that “we must do better!”

This quote by Ruben was stunning to me. It makes it all the more clear to me, as a Consultant for Tobii-Dynavox, my “competition is not the other companies. My competition is the lack of awareness of what AAC is. My competition is the lack of awareness of what AAC can do for people, or how to go about acquiring AAC for clients. Finally, my competition is the lingering fallacies people hold such as “AAC might be a crutch and keep my loved one from learning to talk on their own”. 

I believe that all of us can play a role in “doing better”. Whether you are an occupational therapist (like myself), a physical therapist, educator, or speech therapist I challenge you to find one person, at least one person in your path that would benefit from AAC, and then help them find the path to acquire that solution. 


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