Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ferriter and Tupac, Hang'n Out

Photo may, or may not have been Photoshopped.
Tek-Ninjas, one of my favorite blogs is called the Tempered Radical. If you've not read it yet, take a look.

The author of the blog is Bill Ferriter, a classroom teacher, book author, and obviously, a blogger. Based on his writings, I think Bill and I share similar views on politics and education. He seems to get riled about the same issues as I. So, naturally, I like him.

Recently, Bill posted a blog with a video of Tupac Shakur as a young high-school student. In the video Tupac is discussing the state of education as he sees it. I think he makes a number of really interesting points.

So, I share this with you, first to share the blog site with readers, 'cause there is good thoughts going on over there, and second, just 'cause I love Tupac. The man was a sharp thinker.

Enjoy your Friday!

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