Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tactilize: Sharing Your Brilliance!

Lately I've been really enjoying the app Tactilize.  According to its creators "Tactilize is the world's first iPad Self-Publishing App and Content Network. Tactilize aims to give the publishing house keys to anyone with a creative interest. We simply want to transform every iPad user into their own publisher."

And indeed, they have accomplished all of the aforementioned! And, it's FREE.  Using the app, one can quickly create a "card" with a background image, text boxes, multiple imbedded pictures, links to other web pages, and thumbnail pictures. Tactilize cards can be viewed on your iPad, or on any browser. And, much to my delight, I found after emailing the help desk (they responded the same day) that it is easy to edit a published card online, and then re-publish the card. 

From an educational point of view, it is a remarkable tool for students to create an online modern "book report", or any other report/paper for that matter. The end result looks great, and can be shared via email, or sent to a variety of social media sites.

I have been using it to share my various digital art pieces, many of which I don't share on my website of "Fine Art".  This is not a due to a discounting of digital art on my part, but rather, the difficulty inherent in updating my website is preventative, while publishing a Tactilize card is virtually effortless.  I think I'm actually generating more traffic on Tactilize than on my personal website! Makes one consider...

From within the app, browsing is a breeze. You can peruse the "featured cards", or look at categories. You can also choose to follow specific people, and see whenever they publish a new card. 

Another aspect that is interesting, is that a number of the cards are written in different languages, suggesting that Tactilize is utilized around the world.
Potentially this could be a good way to help students brush up on their Spanish, French, etc. 
Periodically the creators publish a card designed as a tutorial such as this one, to enhance your use of the app. These tutorials are often quite helpful.

Here are a couple,of my favorite cards... 

The Solar System:
Designed on Tactilize (view online)

The Bully Project:
Designed on Tactilize (view online)

Because my son is a dj and rapper, I love this one:
Designed on Tactilize (view online)

And of course, I'd be remiss not to include one of my cards...
Designed on Tactilize (view online)

Share Your Creations!

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