Monday, January 28, 2013

Reach All Your Students At Once

If you are a Google User why not set up a homework and test calendar? It requires all your students to have an email account, and I find it works best if they have a gmail account. Obviously there may be parent-permission issues here, so navigate those by your school policy

Once they all have accounts the easiest thing to do is make an email group. Open your mail account with your browser. Click on "Mail" in the top left corner and choose "Contacts".

Then click "New Contact, and then click on the "Group" icon. 

Create New Group

Then at the bottom of the pull-down list, choose "Create New". 

Add addresses

The next step is to add your student's email addresses. You may also wish to add their parent's email addresses if you have them. This keeps everyone in the loop.

From now on, you can add homework, test dates, or other important dates for your students. 

Add a date to your calendar, and choose which calendar it will be displayed in. For this picture I've chosen "Assistive Technology", but you may want to make a group just for your class. If you are a middle or high school teacher, make a calendar group for each class you teach.

Now, with the pertinent details for the date, you can add individual names, or the whole group you created out of your students. In this way, they all have the date.

Good luck and Happy Calendaring!

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