Tuesday, November 13, 2012

OT Institute: Greensboro, NC

Hey Tech Ninjas!

Occupational Therapy Institue, Nov. 14, 2012
My writings have been a bit sporadic of late. Apologies for that.  I have been preparing a presentation for Occupational Therapy Institute at the NC DPI 62nd Annual Conference on Exceptional Children.

I have been so excited about the technology that we've been working with here in our district, and the impact it is having on our children, and I wanted to share my enthusiasm and ideas with other Occupational Therapists in our state.

At this point, I'm ready, and I'm filled with a mixture of excitement and a wee bit of OMG's at the notion of presenting in front of such a large crowd.

So, after tomorrow, I will be back to sharing ideas here, and hope you'll be back to read and share yours with us.

Happy Therapy!

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