Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Walter Dalton Announces Education Plan, NC

This seems good for our fine state. Dalton for Governor.

Walter Dalton's 18-page education plan includes a detailed outline on his plan to increase educator pay, restore cuts to the classroom, expand early childhood education, and make higher education affordable and accessible.

To read Walter Dalton's education plan, visit this link

Dalton says: "Growing our economy is as much about creating jobs as it's about making certain we have the graduates to fill them. Our state's economic success will depend on how well we align our education system with our job needs. If we fail to make this connection, our economic future could be in jeopardy and the best jobs might move out of state or never be created at all.

While in these tough economic times state government must prioritize how it spends taxpayer money, it's during this critical period when we should be investing in public education - not turning our back on it."

Check out more on Walter Dalton here.

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