Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Google Forms

If five years ago someone told me I would be able to make a portable form or test which would collect data in a spread sheet, that I could make it to my exact specification I would have been skeptical.  If they told me I would be able to make such a form in just a few minutes, I would have been beyond skeptical.

Well, that's a reality now.  Google Forms provides this ability, all for free.  I use Google Forms a lot.  When I was providing direct Occupational Therapy I used the forms to track my contact notes. I currently use it to keep track of AT inventory, and my milage. I have staff using Google Forms to track student behavior, and others make quick tests. Using a built in reader, as provided by Macs and some PCs, many students benefit from having a test and the possible answers read to them.

I've attached a video here on how to make a Google Form. What forms would be useful for you? Could your teacher's use such forms? Take a look... and as usual, I'd love to hear from you all about innovative ways you are using Google Forms.  The video is about 14 minutes long.

I will blog next about how to add a short-cut to your Google Form onto an iDevice. I would have a folder on my iPhone with all my contact notes. Make sure your device is password protected if you have confidential information!

Happy Therapy!


  1. this looks great! i can see this helping me with some student tracking. thanks again!

  2. Thanks ekee! If you use Google Forms, I'd love to hear of your successes or stumbling blocks.