Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Facilitating Assistive Touch Eye gaze!

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 Hey Tek-ninjas! I'm obviously pretty excited about the TD Pilot, which I blogged about last week

The eye-gaze in the Tobii Dynavox AAC software utilizes the Region Based Interaction, which is so very amazing - frankly better than anything else on the market. Don't believe me? Contact your local Solutions Consultant for a demo. You will be blown away. It's as though a magnet pulls your gaze right to the target. 

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Now, when you go out of the Tobii Dynavox software you then begin using Apple's Assistive Touch eye-gaze. The TD Pilot utilizes the IS5TD Eye Tracking Camera which provides an unparalleled experience, however, in the iOS environment you are not accessing the Region Based Interaction. 

One tip that may facilitate access is to increase the font size. This effectively increases your Assistive Touch menu, making targets easier to hit. The video above shows how to do so.
Happy therapy!

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