Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Light it up!

Update Light Bulb
Hey Tek-ninjas! Here's a short and sweet post. 

If you use Snap Core First, have you noticed the little light bulb up in the top right corner? It was part of an update a few months back. 

Do you know what it is for? Well... let me tell you. When the light bulb is lit (or yellow), it indicates that there are new updates! 

Update Popup
When you click on the bulb, you get a descriptive pop-up. For example, yesterday Tobii Dynavox released the latest Snap Core First updates. And man... it is pretty impressive. The integration of Boardmaker Activities INTO Snap is pretty amazing. Less flashy, but still really nice is the new vocabulary search filters, and that your PCS symbols can download in automatically. 

I'll post more after I get a chance to look more closely at the integration of Boardmaker Activities, but on a cursory glance, I'm very excited. 

Happy therapy!

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