Thursday, November 13, 2014

Two New Books

Hey Tek-Ninjas, I've written two new children's books, and they are both available on iBook for your iPad or your Mac Book.

The first book is called "If I Were A Ninja". If I Were A Ninja is a playful exploration of the Ninja of ancient Japan. 

I was in advisory contact with American ninja martial arts pioneer Stephen K. Hayes to be sure this story was as accurate as possible.

The second book is called "If I Were A Pirate" It is similar to If I Were A Ninja, but obviously, focuses on pirates.

Delightful drawings are sure to engage your young child. The books are readable at two levels. For younger children (5-8) the larger text contains simple concepts. The smaller text at the bottom of the pages contains more complex ideas of how the Ninja or Pirates operated, and is more appropriate for slightly older children (8-10). 

Both books retail for $4.99 each. I don't normally shill products on my blog, but I hope you will forgive me this one time! 

I am pleased with both, and hope you will consider taking a look.

Happy Reading!

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