Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Beautiful Sunday Morning

Good morning Tek-Ninjas! I'm in Boone, NC this weekend. For those who don't know, Boone is in the Western part of the state in the Appalachian mountains. I'm with my family. We've come for many reasons. First, I was invited to speak at the Appalachian Leadership Forum, which was interesting and fun. Also, my oldest son is a senior in high school, and strongly considering App State, which is one of my Alma Maters. He was born here, and it's been awhile since we visited. Interesting to hear all he remembers...including the countless hours he bumped over various mountain trails in a baby jogger.

This morning I was stunned and inspired by Nancy Chewning's open letter to Time Magazine. Have you seen the cover just published?  I want to encourage you all to read it, especially those of you working in schools, because she is writing about us, with passion, and it may make you yell huzzah!

Happy Sunday!

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