Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tildee makes things easier!

Wow, wow, wow!  Here is a website that allows you to make free tutorials.  

Create an account and other's can access what you make.

I'm thinking, social stories, work schedules, and to-do lists especially for your students with Autism.

Here is a link to a tutorial I made in less than 4 minutes.  Be sure to make a free account so you can always find the tutorials you've made!

The following is from the tildee website:

What's Tildee ?
Tildee is a free tool to help you create and share instantly and easily tutorials on any subject
It's Easy !
With a clear and user friendly interface, you go straight to the point:
→ write your own tutorial.
More than that, you will be able to add maps, images and even videos to any step in a tutorial. One click and it's done !
It's not required to create an account on Tildee to start writing.
Easy to share: every tutorial has its unique short URL.
Hey, why don't you start writing now ?

 Once you've made your tutorial, you may want to put a short cut to it on your iTouch, iPhone, or iPad. For example, your student with Autism, who has started a new job at the Animal Shelter may be using multiple work schedules for feeding the cats, than the dogs, and maybe walking the dogs as well. Instead of having a bulky notebook, let's set him up with an iTouch with a link to each task tutorial.

Make your work schedules with Tildee. Then put a shortcut on his iTouch for each schedule.  Follow this link to see how to put a shortcut on your desktop.  Now your student is no longer carrying a big old cumbersome notebook!

Happy Therapy!

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