Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Evernote Everywhere!

Evernote goes everywhere! Tablet, phone, desktop, or laptop, syncing across devices and platforms effortlessly.  

Evernote is a powerful app/program that is designed to be installed on all your devices. Enter data in one, and it automatically syncs to another. I have it on my desktop, laptop, and iDevices, and I've linked some files with my co-worker.  Evernote works cross platform too.  The basic version, which is what we use is free. There are fee services, which provide additional storage space, and frankly, I'm not sure what else, because the free version has met my needs fine.                                                                                           
My iPhone
Our Assistive Tech team uses it to keep track of student contacts.  We made a "Student Template" that resides on the program. When we start a new student, we load a picture, and all the pertinent data. 
The A.T. Contact Notes are shared between Ashely and I. If Ashley sees a student at one school, she documents the contact, and it automatically updates to my devices as well. So, anytime I pull up a student, for example: Darla Hood from the Little Rascals, I see her photo, which we took and inserted into the note, as well as her recent contact with the A.T. team. 

My Desktop
I use the desktop/laptop version to do most of my writing, but really appreciate having my contact notes  readily available when I want them.  

I encourage folks to keep HIPPA guidelines in mind if your keeping confidential information on Evernote.   

My Laptop
I also use Evernote to keep an inventory of wrestling workouts for the high-school team I coach. At a moments notice, I can pull out one of many standards to follow. 

Some therapists have told me how they keep treatment tools on Evernote, including fine-motor activities, articulation pictures, and social stories. 

So, how do you all use Evernote? Do you use it with students? I'd love to hear your ideas!

Happy Therapy!

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