Tuesday, September 5, 2023

DAGG-3: assess, reassess, goal writing, strategies, lessons all in one!

 Hi Tek-ninjas, are you familiar with the DAGG-2? If you’ve not heard yet, I have good news for you. There is a new version - the DAGG-3 and it is better than ever!  

The DAGG-3 (Dynamic AAC Goals Grid, edition 3) is a highly effective assessment tool used by SLPs and other professionals to assess, plan, implement and track goals for augmentative and alternative communicators of all levels.

The DAGG-3 was developed by Tobii Dynavox in conjunction with Vicki Clarke, MS, CCC-SLP (2023) based on the original DAGG created by Clarke and Schneider, 2009. Informed by the works of Patricia Dowden, PhD (1999), and Janice Light, PhD (1989, 2014).

It’s available to all at no cost. And you can get your copy here. Historically, as an occupational therapist working in the school systems I found the DAGG tools to be uniquely, helpful in breaking down complex speech concepts for all stakeholders, and getting a whole team on board understanding both deficits and affordances faced by the student.

Happy therapy!

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