Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Supporting GLP with TD Snap and Caroline

Hey Tek-ninjas, if you serve individuals with Autism and possible AAC needs, I want to recommend this 1 hour course “Supporting Gestalt Language Processors with TD Snap" from Tobii Dynavox. This presentation discusses how features within TD Snap can facilitate language development for Gestalt Language Processors who are AAC users. In this session you'll explore potential page set ups to support their language learning style.

Recently I posted about the upcoming NCACA Conference and how great those presenters are. This offering is presented by one of them, Caroline Gaddy, who is both a friend and a colleague. Caroline is uniquely qualified to teach this course because she is Autistic, the mother of neurodivergent children, a Speech Therapist, and a Tobii Dynavox Solutions Consultant. This presentation received so much positive feedback from SLPs and Caregivers, imo it's not to be missed. 

You will of course need a free account for the Tobii Dynavox Learning Hub if you don't have one. As I've posted before, if you already have a log in for www.mytobiidynavox.com or the https://efunding.tobiidynavox.com, those are Single Sign-ins, and you can log in with that username and password. 

Happy therapy!

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