Thursday, March 4, 2021

Wanna deliver voices?!

 Hey Tek-ninjas! I know if you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know I'm:

1. An employee of Tobii Dynavox. 

2. You also know that I'm an unabashed fan-boy of Tobii Dynavox. 

Tobii Dynavox Stars
I know it may seem that I wear Polly-Anna glasses given how much I gush about Tobii Dynavox, but I don't think that is the case. I recognize that no company is perfect, including ours, but from the top down, I have never been happier in a job, and I am always so pleased by my colleagues who constantly impress me with their intelligence, dedication, integrity, energy, and desire to "beat yesterday". We deliver voices!

I have been a Solutions Consultant for Tobii Dynavox for over 3 years now. This role has been very rewarding, and I've made some remarkable connections with folks who use our products and folks who directly help those folks using our products. 

Currently we have a hand full of Solutions Consultant positions available in various parts of the country. These turn-overs don't happen that often, and this could be a great opportunity. If you are reading my blog with any regularity, I assume you have an interest in AAC, and helping someone, I thought I would share some of those jobs. Who knows... maybe one of you could be the next Tobii Dynavox employee?

Here are current locations:

Eastern NC

Nashville, TN

Spokane, WA

South Carolina


Southern, IL

If this seems of interest to you, take a look at the position. If you have questions, reach out to Ashley Weiss, she is super knowledgeable and super friendly. 

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