Thursday, January 14, 2021

Do you know about Pageset Central?

 Hey Tek-ninjas!!! Happy New Year! Wow... what a start to 2021. Not a dull moment. Annnd that's all I'm gonna say on that note. 😊

Today I want to look at another really terrific, but imo under-utilized resource from Tobii Dynavox. Let's take a look at Pageset Central.

Per the home page: "Pageset Central provides inspiration and ideas for use with the Tobii Dynavox communication software. Easily search for and download pagesets that have been created by other users, or upload and share the content that you’ve created. This is the central idea of Pageset Central - to give and take!"

The beauty of these pagesets is that once you download them, like all pagesets, they are fully customizable. So, even if they are not a perfect fit for your user, they can provide a framework, and much of the elbow grease to make a personalized pageset. 

The video below demonstrates how to search, navigate, and save pagesets. It also shows a "Circle Time Activity" pageset that I made awhile back and often share with classroom teachers. 

If you've made a pageset that you think is cool, or that other's might appreciate, consider sharing your creation with the Tobii Dynavox community! Simply upload the pageset to your account, click the "Share" link that appears below the pageset and follow the steps to share to Pageset Central. Obviously, make sure you have no identifying information in the pageset you are sharing!

While anyone can peruse Pageset Central, and even download pagesets to their computer, to reap all the benefits, I recommend making a free mytobiidynavox account. 

This next video shows a more complicated and very creative way to use Snap Core First to make a "check list". In this case, for bedtime.

Happy exploring, and happy therapy!!

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