Friday, June 19, 2020

Tobii Dynavox Introduces Outdoor Eye Tracking

Hey Tek-ninjas! Hope you are doing well despite living in Coronatopia. Today I want to share with you a recent development in the field of eye-gaze technology. About two weeks ago, Tobii Dynavox released a firmware update to their new IS5TD eye gaze camera. 

If you've been working in the field, or maybe you are a user of an eye gaze device you've likely long ago adapted to the idea that eye gaze tech just simply doesn't perform at it's best in the great outdoors. It's just been one of those accepted downsides. 

With the new updated firmware that changes. And following the update, Tobii Dynavox sent out messaging like this: 

"Brighter times are ahead, and you can now make the most of them. Communicate outdoors – even in bright sunlight – thanks to outdoor eye tracking on the latest I-Series, the world’s first speech generating device to offer this feature.

"Experience all the eye tracking capabilities you’re used to plus an enhanced outdoor experience, just in time for summer. 

Outdoor eye tracking is currently only available on the I-13 and I-16 devices."

This update is so good that a couple of renown AAC champions posted videos of themselves with before and afters of the firmware update. Take a look at the videos below. 

I especially like the first video as Charlie Danger, OT, ATP shows both before the update and after the update. 

And of course, John Costello of Boston Children's Hospital also offers a great video, concise and to the point. 

If you have an i13 or an i16, and you have not ran Update Notifer in the last two weeks, I strongly encourage you to do so, especially if you are heading to the beach, or to a sporting event! This video demonstrates how to run updates on these devices. 

Happy eye-gazing!

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