Friday, May 29, 2020

Modern Communication

Hey Tek-ninjas! So here's an interesting development. Communicator 5 has gotten a top-notch infusion of super power! Last week, Tobii Dynavox rolled out an update that at least for now, will work solely on the new i-Series 13 and 16. This update includes a suite of apps known as Join-in.

Join-in includes pagesets or apps such as Facebook, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram,
Google, Google Calendar, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, MSN and Android Messages. This is exciting news for eye-gaze and switch access communicators. Of course, the device will need to be "unlocked" in order to access the internet.

Now personally, I really like the newer Snap Core First Literate Text pageset for my literate users in regards to talking. But... these days, communication happens in so many different environments including via text, or on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. I am really excited to pair Snap Core First with Communicator 5 to make for a really robust offering of language and functional tools.

If you have an i-Series 13 or 16 - likely they downloaded in the latest update, and you may not even be aware of that fact. They can be added to your desktop quite simply. In the video below I show how to add Snap Core First and the Join-in apps to your Communicator 5.
Happy therapy!

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