Monday, October 21, 2019

Introducing the i13 and the i16: faster, lighter, better!

Hey Tek-ninjas! So Tobii Dynavox is introducing the I-13 and I-16, the next generation speech generating devices with a new, faster, more accurate, and precise eye tracker. These devices will replace the i12+ and the i15+.  

According to Tobii Dynavox, the new I-Series devices feature:” The lightest, fastest, and most durable integrated eye gaze device design” - the Tobii IS5. I can report first hand that even though the IS4 was the best on the market, the IS5 is significantly better. The Tobii IS5 cannot be found on any other AAC device. 

In addition the new devices feature “Partner Window” for conversation flow. Partner Window is a text display on the back of the devices designed to allow caregivers, support peeps, and friends the ability to read-along with AAC users as they write AND STILL MAINTAIN EYE CONTACT!! No more looking over someone’s shoulder to communicate (#sorude).

Finally of note, under the hood, the computer power is significantly upgraded. For now I’ll note that it boasts a powerful Intel Core i5 processor - more specs to come.

Tobii Dynavox is also releasing significant updates to Snap Core First, including minor rebranding (dropping the + in the name), a text pageset, and a Copy button allowing users to make their own messages.

There are also some very important upgrades to Communicator 5 including a Chrome pageset, and Android phone mirroring to note a few.

Finally, I’ve been blown away by the profoundly easy to use, yet super robust software called Computer Control, which allows full Windows control with eye gaze. It is unlike anything I’ve seen before... I’ll blog in depth on this in a later post.

Mosey over to for more information.


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