Thursday, April 30, 2015

AVAZ returns with a bang!

A few springs ago I was introduce to Avaz, and blogged about what a great AAC app it is.

Well, the folks at Avaz have not simply rested on their laurels.  They continue to offer Avaz Pro, receiving accolades from parents, teachers, and researchers. In addition, they now offer a great companion app called Avaz Together.

Avaz Together is available for a monthly subscription rate of $9.99.  

What makes Avaz Together unique is that it is a communication app designed specifically to guide parents in teaching their child to communicate at home. 

It is filled with ideas and tips for the parent to
create communication opportunities throughout their day. The communication board is easy to navigate, and to customize. In addition, Avaz Together tracks data regarding the number of words your child uses, and sentence lengths.

For those of us wanting to be evidence based in our work, Avaz offers a page of research behind Avaz Together, and the insights that went into the app.

For folks who want to or need to take their child's communication experience past the therapist's time, Avaz Together may be just the tool needed!

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