Monday, August 25, 2014

Increasingly Arne Duncan hears concerns about standardized testing...

Well, one more for the day... Guess I'm on fire Tek-ninjas!
Our fearless United States Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan writes a blog about education. It is often interesting, and mostly infuriating to me, as I don't see Mr. Duncan as a supporter of education, and so I am not a fan.  Ironic, I know, given his office. 
Recently he posted to his blog "A Back to School Conversation with Teachers and School Leaders.  In this article he writes that:
"There are three main issues [he's] heard about repeatedly from educators:
  1. It doesn’t make sense to hold them accountable during this transition year for results on the new assessments – a test many of them have not seen before – and as many are coming up to speed with new standards.
  2. The standardized tests they have today focus too much on basic skills, not enough on critical thinking and deeper learning.
  3. Testing – and test preparation – takes up too much time."

If you've followed much of his work, this all is an about-face for him. It does not fit with what seems to be his agenda to support high-stakes testing, and (the real cynic in me thinks) dismantle public education.

But don't take my word for it, head over there, read it yourself, and leave him a comment. 
I left a comment, and so far, the FBI has not visited me.

Happy testing!

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