Monday, August 12, 2013

Fighting the Good Fight

 Hey Tech-Ninjas! I'm sure I will write about technology again. And I apologize if you are looking for those articles and don't reside in NC... 

My blog may feel irrelevant to you lately, but I do think what happens in education in one state bears watching in all the other US states, as it could quickly be our own experience.  The current climate of education in NC feels so pressing and depressing, that I just feel the need to pass on what NCAE is working on.

Whether your a Dem or Con, please contact your representatives and let them know you are appalled by how we are undermining our children's future.

Thanks, Jim


  1. I ama teacher in Seattle, WA and I am appalled at what has happened in your state. You're right, what is happening in North Carolina is just the beginning of what is happening in many districts across the US. We educators tend to be unassuming and placid people who put up with a lot, but it's time we all stood up and said ENOUGH! Speak out, use your voting power, and let these idiots know they are destroying education and we won't put up with it anymore!

  2. Wise words Jannike! I agree 100%.