Thursday, October 28, 2021

Control WHATEVER you want on your computer with your eyes!


Hey Tek-ninjas! Today I'm writing about TD Control. Originally it was called Computer Control, but with the rebranded name and logo come some remarkable updates. 

If you aren't familiar, TD Control is an intuitive way of interacting with and controlling your computer via eye tracking. According to Tobii Dynavox, TD Control was designed for literate adults with conditions such as cerebral palsy, ALS/MND and spinal cord injury who want to make full use of their computer completely independently. The software allows eye-gaze users to navigate and control the Windows environment in a natural way

As an eye-gaze user, there are a number of ways to play your favorite games, surf the internet, or send
emails, however, the software typically has a different interface. While, this can be a huge asset, especially for folks who may need larger targets, or a even ability to use switch scanning, this solution often requires learning different motor sequencing resulting in an increased cognitive load.  Additionally, if the native platform, say Facebook, runs updates, then the software developer must also run an update to match. This can result in the app not working for a few days, which is frustrating for the end-user. 

TD Control offers an access modality that essentially sits right on top of the pre-existing interface. Facebook is still Facebook. Same for Spotify, Instagram, or your Word program. No new learning of your favorite applications, and updates happen seamlessly on the platform. 

Just a few days ago, TD Control updated and now users can customize which tools in the tool bar are available. So for some folks a simple selection of Left Click, Double Click, and maybe Keyboard are all they need. The ability to reduce the visual distractions is a welcome addition. Others may want all the tools.

TD Control is available devices using the TD IS5 camera including the I-13 and I-16 devices and the PCEye eye tracker. Currently it is unavailable to purchase as a standalone app.  As an Occupational Therapist, when I think about general access for computers, the PCEye eye tracker get's me excited. Not everyone needs a full-blown AAC device like the iSeries, and the tracker provides that "other" option. 

If you are interested in seeing TD Control in person, reach out to your local Tobii Dynavox Solution Consultant, and they will be happy to show it to you!

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