Friday, August 6, 2021

Writing as easy as Snap!

Hey Tek-ninjas! This post goes out specifically to my school-based occupational therapy friends. Are you familiar with the work of Dr. Gretchen Hanser, specifically regarding alternative pencils? If you’re not, be sure to familiarize yourself. But in a nutshell, Dr. Hanser says that an alternative pencil is defined as anything that provides a student with access to all 26 letters of the alphabet, specifically if they are unable to hold a traditional pencil.

Did you know that the AAC software Snap, from Tobii-Dynavox makes a terrific alternative pencil, and excels with a wide variety of access modalities including direct touch, scanning, head mouse, and even eye-gaze.

It’s very easy to customize the keyboard and take advantage of the robust word prediction engine. See the video below to see how to set this up for direct interaction.
At $49.99 for iOS this software is a deal as most competitive word production software retails for significantly more.

Happy therapy!

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