Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Snap Core First goes lo-tech!

Hey Tek-ninjas! So this is a pretty cool thing.... you know sometimes you want/need to try a lo-tech AAC intervention for a variety of reasons. Well, Tobii Dynavox has a FREE lo-tech option for you to consider

You can now download and print PDF books of the core word pages from the Snap Core First app. Such lo-tech communication books can serve as a great introduction to language for symbol-supported communicators before they get their device. Or keep them on hand as a simple solution to be used in the car, at the playground, near the pool, or anywhere else it might be inconvenient to use a device. 

Core First Communication Books are also available to download via Pathways for Core First.

Then you can consider "print on regular paper", or "print on tear-proof paper".... I'm looking forward to seeing the creative ways folks utilize this resource!

Happy therapy!

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