Monday, May 4, 2020

Everybody's talking about...

Hey Tek-ninjas! Friday my colleague, Lisa and I hosted a virtual workshop titled "Communicating Beyond Requesting". It went really well. But don't just take my word for that... here's what folks are saying:

"I loved visuals and knowledge of the instructor Lisa as well as the rep Jim's knowledge of the devices, software, and AAC in general.  Also, I liked the group chat to ask questions and make comments and voting on Menti to see what other people think or share knowledge."

"This was possibly the best continuing ed experience I've ever had! I so appreciated Lisa being candid about her own experiences. "Early in my career, I made the mistake of..." This helped me remember that we are not perfect; trial/error is part of building clinical expertise in AAC, and it was also a complementary reminder to stay up on the research to support best practices. The "reverse" prompting hierarchy was especially helpful information. Thank you again for a great presentation with so many invaluable resources!!!"

"I can't wait to share the pathways app and goals feature with all the SLP's in my district who work with AAC users."

The good news is that Lisa is hosting the same workshop May 7th. So if you missed it, or have colleagues who missed it... now they can jump on board!

This course is called "Communicating Beyond Requesting", and it's a really solid offering. Lisa will discuss "where do you typically start when introducing augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)? If you are like most people, you probably start with activities that involve an individual requesting a motivating object or action. But what happens next? What happens when we run out of things to request? In this session, we will explore key areas to go beyond requesting including vocabulary selection, goal writing, intervention strategies and communication partner tips".

May 7, 2020
11:00 AM - 05:00 PM ET
Please log in (see Zoom registration information) at 8:45 am

This event will be held virtually. After registering, you will receive an email with your Zoom registration. Complete that registration in order to receive your Virtual Classroom link. Remember to check your spam folder for follow up emails.

Registration on a computer rather than a mobile device is recommended.

This course will be offered for 0.5 ASHA CEUs.

Click on this link if you want to learn more. 

Lisa has over 25 years of experience in speech-language pathology, teaching, and supervision. She previously served as Clinical Assistant Professor in a university setting as well as SLP in the public school, private practice, and outpatient rehabilitation settings. Currently, Lisa is a member of the Tobii Dynavox Learning Services Team, providing implementation workshops for professionals and customers.

And remember, WASH YOUR HANDS!

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