Saturday, February 1, 2020

ATIA goodbye, thanks for the good times!

Hey Tek-ninjas! Holy-moly. ATIA. Delivered beyond expectations. So much to process. So many great talks. Exciting vendor booths. And so many smart, and driven people, leveraging intellect and passion to make life better for others. Seriously, the excitement was palpable.

I’m sitting in the Orlando airport, waiting to fly home to Chapel Thrill where I will head to Mattamuskeet with Sweet-L to watch birds, and rejuvenate before delivering voices again on Monday. Once I’ve had time to synthesize some of this amazing content, I’ll try to distill a little of what I’ve learned in another post or two... for now - pictures!
Rehadapt- makers of Connect-It Mounts

Main Walkway Vender Booth

Adina Bradshaw of Shepard Center

Tobii-Dynavox Solutions Consultants - passion and smarts!

The one and only - Linda Burkhart

Origin - maker of the best switch interface on the market imo

Ben Henry & Adina Bradshaw: Multi-access, gaming, ecu, computer control. #megaknowledge

Super-smart presenters, and a room filled with years of experience: OT’s, Engineers, SLPs, and others

Robin and Mary of Oak Park School, dropping knowledge and experience.  Powerful combo!

Rubbing shoulders with Tara Rudnicki: President of Tobii-Dynavox NA,  ATIA Board President... and  friend 🤓

Mark Sauka: Tobii-Dynavox Solutions Consultant, PA... and a Chocolate Martini

Tobii-Dynavox: AAC and Ed team. Work hard, play hard. This is the  latter. 
ATIA excitement) + (ATIA exhaustion)  + lotsa coffee + Sugar Factory = Katy Henry Traveling Solutions Consultant

I hope to be back next year!

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