Thursday, July 18, 2019

Shared Pageset for Circle Time

Hey Tek-ninjas! Before I even start on this post, let me reiterate, I'm trained as an Occupational Therapist, and an Assistive Technology Professional. I'm not a Speech Therapist. So all my speechy friends, if you have thoughts, or variations on how you might do this, please share with us!

Alright, disclaimer out of the way.... One of my favorite times to integrate AAC for our developmentally younger students is in Circle Time. Circle Time is one of those occurrences that seems consistent across schools, and happens every day.

I want to share with you a Snap + Core First Pageset which I created. Anyone is able to download it and run it on their version of the software. I would hope if you download it, you will edit and and fully customize it for your student.

If you are appealed by this pageset, and you want it for yourself, go to If you don't have an account, make one (it's free). Once you've logged in, you can navigate to Pageset Central, where hundreds of clinicians, and care-givers have shared pagesets that they've made. You can find my Circle Time pageset here. Be sure to click "Add to My Stuff" in Pageset Central. That then adds the pageset to your mytobiidynavox account, and allows you to download it to your software.

Happy Circle Time!

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